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While leading teams, Kate couldn’t help but notice recurring themes, principles and learnings that applied to each business as they developed expertise within their product management, engineering, UX/UI, data-centered insights teams. Inspired by this discovery, Kate founded Flywheel Strategy: a vehicle to introduce and integrate these learnings and practices more broadly to businesses that are focused on sustainable success, faster.

Drawing on Kate’s background in e-commerce goods and services, Flywheel creates scalable solutions that empower teams to shape the what, why and how for new features within companies that regularly appear on Best Of lists for Forbes, Times, and Fast Company.

Her self-confessed obsession with post-it notes is rivaled only by her passion for visiting new places around the world (7 continents, 44 countries and counting!). With 15 years of experience in the digital space at Ancestry, Rothy’s, Brooklinen, and Our Place, Kate specializes in blending the voice of the customer, data insights and marketplace opportunities to create streamlined roadmaps for high-growth organizations.

Kate MacCabe

Kate MacCabe founded and now leads Flywheel Strategy, after building, leading and scaling digital centers of excellence for retailers and brands, for the past 15 years.

Founder & Digital Advisor

With over 15 years of expertise, Charu has cultivated a rich professional background with renowned companies such as Rothy’s, Meta, Keurig Dr Pepper, and Ancestry, among others.

With a comprehensive skill set, Charu is adept in brand marketing, product innovation, concept development, go-to-market strategy, insights, commercialization, consumer segmentation, and analytics. Her experience spans across diverse industries including DTC, Tech, CPG, Health, Fashion, Beauty, Start-ups, and Retail.

As a high-performing and cross-functional team leader, Charu has demonstrated her marketing and strategic prowess globally. Her expertise encompasses leading teams in various sectors, from Y-combinator startups to Fortune 100 companies. Passionate about people, creative problem-solving, and sustainability, Charu excels in developing custom solutions and strategies at Flywheel, making her an invaluable asset for brands and founders seeking innovative and impactful marketing expertise.

Charu Subramanian

Charu is a dynamic entrepreneurial thought leader in brand and marketing, known for translating insights into impactful brand strategies that drive meaningful change.

Brand, Marketing & Product Strategy Advisor

To Kathryn, marketing transcends mere sales; it embodies the art of fostering authentic, enduring relationships with customers and audiences, driving retention and scale.

Driven by a passion for brands, Kathryn is enthralled by the discovery of innovative organizations and tech brands shaping the market. Her journey began as a founding member of Shopify Plus's Merchant Success team, Kathryn has been able to see the success and work with some of the industries most exciting brands like GymShark, Brooklinen, Huel, and Allbirds.

Having led Shopify's strategic approach to consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and her experience and relationships with some of the top enterprise brands. Her background in both the tech start-up environment and the expansion of customer engagement initiatives provides her with a compelling advantage in the realm of Growth Marketing.

Kathryn Lang

With over 12 years of experience in Growth, Customer, and Product marketing, Kathryn has established herself as a thought leader, complemented by a decade-long immersion in the ecommerce landscape.

Growth Marketing & Ecommerce Advisor

We ensure that you’re in the best hands when it comes to how you approach business frameworks
and strategies. We apply years of knowledge and our network of solutions and partners to create the greatest space for you and your team.



Think of the Flywheel team as your supportive partners, driving strategic action. We have an impact and outcomes-driven approach, and we’re all about working with businesses in a truly collaborative way.



We’re committed to strategically supporting businesses that want to become independent and self-sufficient in their approach to organizational growth, infrastructure and day-to-day processes. We’ll help you build your strategy muscles for sustainable long term growth.



At Flywheel, we have over 15 years’ experience helping B2C and B2B companies implement strategic processes and frameworks that maximize their flywheel effect. We create momentum with product offerings, digital experiences and infrastructure to unlock growth while reducing overhead. Think more value, less effort. Win win.



Core Values

The Foundation of our Success

“Having a trusted partner made it easy to execute our project, get results and stay on track.”

Senior Director, Brand Marketing - AQUIS

Areas of support: 
  • Consumer, trends & competitive analysis
  • Focus group moderation
  • Content creation strategy

We proudly support programs supporting founders who are leading groundbreaking brands in the ecommerce space.

Meet our Partners 

The Yotpo Retention Xcelerator Program (Previously Yotpo Grow) is a global retention accelerator program for Black and Indigenous-owned brands on Shopify. The YRX program recently kicked off their class of 2024 with exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Flywheel teamed up with the YRX leaders to support and guide this year's class of brands as they achieve their 2024 and beyond goals. This community of incredible founders will have access to the Flywheel team, including quarterly workshops with industry experts to accelerate their scale to their next level of growth.

Yotpo Accelerator Program | Class of 2024

The Fashion Design program at The Art Institute of Philadelphia focuses on providing students with a well-rounded education in fashion to develop knowledge and skills in business, design, fashion, technology, and marketing. Fashion Design students balance creative development with technical skills. Fashion Marketing students focus on computer technology, advanced-level business, and sales marketing. Students leave the program with the skills to succeed in various entry level positions in the industry.

Philadelphia Fashion Institute Program

Our partners bring the latest innovations and thought leadership to life for thriving DTC and omni-channel businesses

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