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We assess and solution for your digital, brand and marketing effectiveness 

Our Digital Strategy services provide expertise for engineering, product management, analytics and design functions. We focus on creating workflow efficiencies and a culture of user and data-driven decision making across the spectrum of tactical and strategic wins.

Digital Strategy Services


Our comprehensive Brand, Marketing and Product Strategy services offer specialized guidance for the advancement of your brand, fostering a unique and distinctive identity. Our emphasis lies in meticulously crafting your brand narrative and strategy, developing a roadmap for new product launches, and facilitating overall growth by tailoring marketing plans that captivate audiences and amplify the overall marketing impact. Through our services, we deliver actionable insights driven by data, distinct consumer profiles to target, expanding the aperture on your total addressable market (TAM) with precision and efficacy.

Brand, Marketing &
Product Strategy Services


Our Growth Marketing expertise is anchored in developing and implementing plans which drive sustainable growth for a business’s online presence. We utilize the power of data-driven insights, customer segmentation, and performance analytics to optimize various pieces of the ecommerce journey, such as customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization and customer retention. We aim to enhance the customers' online shopping experience, increase brand visibility and maximize revenue through targeted marketing strategies tailored to the dynamic and competitive nature of the ecommerce landscape.

Growth Marketing &
Ecommerce Strategy Services


Together, we’ll take a look at…

Building a growth mindset

Do you feel like your growth and profitability targets are out of reach? Or maybe you’re exceeding your growth and profitability targets– but doing so in a way that’s just not sustainable for your business? Whichever side of the coin you’re on, we stabilize your strategic foundation, moving your business from fits and spurts to consistent, long-term success.

Cultivating independence

If you feel your business relies heavily on agencies and third parties to build and operate at your current state, we get it. Developing specialized functions within a company is a fragile business. We’re on hand to help develop, implement and build competencies, to ensure you have a long-term resourcing approach to propel your business.

Evolving and adapting

We’ll open your mind to new methodologies, technologies and ways of working– and shift your approach when it comes to team growth, infrastructure and day-to-day processes.

Orienting to solutions

We value results-focused actionable plans that are a mixture of both tactical short-term and strategic long-term solutions. We’re all about the best of both worlds: bringing both immediate and long term changes to life to fully unlock growth for your business.

Drawing on Kate’s background in e-commerce goods and services, Flywheel creates scalable solutions that empower teams to shape the what, why and how for new features within companies that are regularly appear on Best Of lists for Forbes, Times, and Fast Company.

Flywheel Strategy is headed up by Kate MacCabe. Her self-confessed obsession with post-it notes is rivaled only by her passion for visiting new places around
the world (7 continents, 44 countries and counting!). With 15 years of experience in the digital space at Ancestry, Rothy’s, Brooklinen, and Our Place, Kate specializes in blending the voice of the customer, data insights and marketplace opportunities to create streamlined roadmaps for high-growth organizations.

While working with scaling startups,
Kate couldn’t help but notice recurring themes, principles and learnings that applied to each business. Inspired by this discovery, Kate founded Flywheel Strategy: a vehicle to introduce and integrate these learnings and practices more broadly to businesses that are focused on sustainable success, faster.

Meet the founder.

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