– Merchandising strategy and optimization
– Operations management and execution
– Content calendar and launch planning
– Methodologies for mid-campaign optimizations
– SEO/SEM strategy
– Pricing Architecture

Content & Merchandising

– Data-driven decision methodologies
– A/B testing and experimentation
– Team, department, and organizational
   intelligence dashboards
– KPI creation, education and integration
– Data pipelines and management


– User testing
– Design systems
– Accessibility and ADA compliance
– Competitor analysis
– Wireframing
– Prototyping
– High fidelity design creation


– Tech stack ecosystem management
– Build vs. Buy decision frameworks
– Site page load performance
– Retail POS technologies
– Omni-channel infrastructure


– Conversion rate optimization
– Quarterly roadmap planning and prioritization
– Agile workflow development
– Feature development
– Contract negotiations
– Strategic vendor management
– Localized experiences for internationalization

Product Management

Our areas of DIGITAL expertise include:


Flywheel Strategy's digital expertise is led by Kate MacCabe. Kate has built product management, digital operations, analytics, engineering, and product design teams from zero to 1  across multiple businesses.  

Her solutions focus on the current state of the business and how to build  teams to make the vision of the business a reality through digital experiences.



LinkedIn profile

Shiza Shahid
Cofounder & Co-CEO, Our Place

Kate’s experience at so many fast-growing startups - Rothy’s, Brooklinen, Our Place - are unparalleled. She brings tremendous learnings, that can save you a lot of time from having to figure out the hard way!

Kate’s many skills include being a highly impactful communicator, a strategist with many insights on how to improve your conversion rate and build the site that will help you business grow faster, and being exceptional at building the processes and systems that your organization needs to execute effectively. I learned a lot from Kate, and you will too!“

“Kate is a unique leader in the Digital Product space with a one-of-a-kind skill set thaT is deeply valuable for any growing startup.

LinkedIn profile

Justin (Lapidus) Silver
SVP of Marketing and Digital Products, Brooklinen

We worked together to rebuild our entire website from the ground up and looking back - without her guidance and expertise the project likely would have been an unmitigated disaster. Why? because Kate has a few things that make working with her great.

She’s built and honed processes to work across teams seamlessly, and she can speak just as easily to developers and CEOs. Bottom line: if you are running an ecommerce brand and want to take your business to the next level you need to work with Kate.”

“Kate is a thoughtful, strategic partner and more importantly an ecommerce expert.

LinkedIn profile

Meredith McNeill
Senior Director of User Experience, Rothy’s

One of the biggest problems in product management is solving the wrong problem. Without empathy and a clear understanding of who your customer is and what they value and need, it becomes easy to work on the next cool feature leadership wants.

The pilot (made up of 3 cross functional projects) was a success and we ended up developing a product design process and practice that included both generative / strategic user testing (to discover what the next big opportunities are) as well as tactical research (to ensure that we could lower the risk of launching new features and functionality by testing prototypes with users before we invested in development - our most constrained resource.)”

“When Kate and I worked together at Rothy’s she was a key driver in implementing a user testing pilot project to prove the business value in deeply understanding customers.

LinkedIn profile

Dana Fleur
SVP Engineering, Our Place

Kate transformed our CRO practice from a theory to an active roadmap with high output and quantifiable outcomes in a matter of a couple short months. Her ability to get things done from idea through delivery is inspiring.

Kate gathered a nebulous tangle of ideas from across teams and formed them into an organized framework and strategy plan for the year. I’m amazed at how effortlessly she seemed to pull together a coherent plan that was comprehensive, actionable, and well articulated.”

“Kate has been an excellent partner formING a digital product development practice from the ground up. She has such deep experience in a breadth of areas that are integral to building a high performing operation and team.

LinkedIn profile

Matt Gehring
SVP Growth Marketing, Rothy's

In partnering together during a pivotal time in Rothy's growth journey, Kate identified key unlocks across our resourcing strategy and processes.

She transformed technology from a constraint to an enabling power for the business through a series of platform and technology audits and adjustments. We shifted key business operations to more relevant teams that brought nimbleness, cross-functional collaboration, and ongoing cost-savings to the organization.”

“ Kate creates a vision grounded in digital technology principles. Her distinctive expertise shapes solutions for ambitious business goals; and then she seamlessly leads the vision into a reality.

LinkedIn profile

Diana Newman
Account Strategy Lead - Key Accounts, Shopify

She was always organized and strategic, and she had a knack for hiring the right team for the job.

I'm grateful to have worked with her and I highly recommend her to any business looking to accelerate their growth.”

“Kate was an invaluable partner who led complex projects with ease. 

LinkedIn profile

Elizabeth Bell
VP Ecommerce, Brooklinen

Her ability to build out product roadmaps and bring structure to complex projects is impressive, and her leadership style creates a positive and collaborative environment for the team.

I have no doubt that Kate would be an invaluable asset to any organization looking for a strong leader with a proven track record of success.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kate, who is an exceptional leader with an innate talent for product roadmapping and strategic planning.

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