Elevate Your Online Presence

  • Cross-selling & Upselling strategy
  • Retention and Lifecycle marketing
  • KPI creation, education & integrations
  • Customer Engagement
  • Product Marketing
  • Campaign messaging & positioning
  • Content and launch calendar planning
  • Marketing channel development

Growth Marketing

We leverage data insights to tailor marketing campaigns, lifecycle journeys and customer experiences through retention strategies that foster customer loyalty and advocacy for sustained business growth.

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Tooling evaluation and implementation
  • Strategic vendor management & platform enablement
  • Localized experiences for Internationalization
  • Experimentation & user testing
  • Merchandising optimization
  • Holiday & Sales planning

Ecommerce & Shopify Management

  • Market value analysis
  • Operational & content strategy
  • Loyalty & Referral program development
  • Sales Enablement
  • Content Creation

Customer Marketing & Social Strategy

Flywheel Strategy's growth marketing and ecommerce strategy is led by Kathryn Lang. Kathryn has led customer marketing teams within Shopify, created innovative product marketing programs, and curated exclusive experiences for some of ecomm’s most exciting brands.

Kathryn helps brands not only unlock the full potential of Shopify and the Shopify ecosystem, she supports brands in their journey through growth marketing strategies with the belief of letting the customers experience lead the way.



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