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Are any of these questions floating around your head? 

  • What exactly is a flywheel (besides a buzzword)? Sometimes it can’t be said better than Encyclopedia Brittancia. “A flywheel serves to smooth out the pulses of energy.”
  • But ummm…how does it work? [Disclaimer: I’m no mechanic] In the world of cars, a flywheel requires a significant amount of torque, or what our physicist friends refer to as force.
  • So why are we talking about it?  With more than 15 years on the ecommerce, tech and digital scene, our founder observed each and every business needs a serious amount of torque to smooth out those bursts of growth, energy, and demands that scaling startups feel. 

Feeling seen? If your business’s tempo seems eerily familiar to the description above, you’re not alone. Achieving the organizational inertia that is needed to create a flywheel effect is daunting to tackle. 

Our founder, Kate MacCabe has built that very effect across multiple organizations who were facing the “good problem to have” of business growth. Over 15 years and across 4 different companies, Kate built a strong digital foundation from the ground up to support the mounting needs of customers, employees, and partners. 

You may be looking for a way to prioritize 1,000,001  requests, are seeing a need to develop and hire for digital competencies, or  have an aspiration to embed data-driven practices within your teams. There are endless paths to building the torque your business is craving to make the most of its energy. 

Preview our areas of expertise here to find potential unlocks for your growing business.

April 19, 2023



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