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In May, Charu joined the Pion team to talk about Brand Building and Driving Loyalty: How to Win on a LinkedIn Webinar.

It was a lively discussion hosted by Harriet McCulley,  B2B Marketing Manager, Pion, facilitating the dialogue with panelists Austin Okolo, Co-founder & CEO of The Gen Z Club and Simon Squibb – Founder of HelpBnk.

Enjoy the 6 major takeaways on brand building being a key driver for loyalty, shared in this session: 

#1: Social Media as a lever for success 

In the dynamic landscape of brand building, driving engagement and loyalty requires a nuanced approach. Instagram remains a powerhouse for brand engagement and Substack,  a platform for founders to share their journeys and connect with their audience, is rapidly gaining traction. With close to 50 million unique visitors in January of this year, up 41.95% since August 2023, the growth trajectory for Substack  is notable.  Understanding and leveraging these channels effectively is crucial for any brand looking to thrive.

#2: Brand Loyalty is more than the initial purchase

A common misconception about brand loyalty is that a single purchase equates to lifelong commitment. In reality, brand loyalty must be continuously cultivated through consistent value delivery. Brands must nurture their relationships with customers, understanding that other brands are always vying for their attention. The key to sustaining loyalty lies in delivering ongoing value and maintaining a strong, engaged relationship with your audience.

#3: Price + Product feature combinations speak to consumers

Today’s consumers are value-driven, seeking the best combination of price and product features. Founder stories are increasingly important, as they help align the brand’s ethos with that of its founder. Additionally, fostering a sense of community where customers feel part of something larger is vital. Engaging with your audience and creating a shared experience can significantly enhance loyalty.

#4: Think outside the box to rise above today’s marketing challenges

The digital space is crowded, with countless brands competing for consumer attention through social media. The high cost of ads and content creation on these platforms can be prohibitive, especially for emerging brands. Exploring alternative avenues for building loyalty and retention, such as in-person community engagements, is crucial. These events can create personal connections with your audience and differentiate your brand in a meaningful way.

#5: Authenticity as a gateway to continued customer engagement

To keep consumers engaged, brands might consider offering a behind-the-scenes look at the founder and team, showcasing the authentic and transparent aspects of the company. Authenticity is key—rather than blindly following trends, brands should have a clear point of view that resonates with their core values and audience. This approach helps maintain excitement and trust among consumers.

No amount of marketing fluff can compensate for a product that doesn’t deliver. Every aspect of the customer experience, from packaging to shipping, matters. Brands must ensure their products solve genuine problems and stand out in the market. Gathering consumer insights and feedback is essential for making improvements and planning future product launches. Avoid operating in a silo and instead, stay attuned to customer needs and industry trends.

#6: Develop loyalty through memorable experiences

Consider loyalty from an experiential standpoint. In-person events can significantly enhance brand loyalty, creating memorable experiences that resonate with your audience. Understanding your customers’ profiles and life stages, rather than just their age, allows for more targeted and effective engagement. For instance, individuals with similar lifestyles, such as parents or young professionals, may have comparable needs and preferences regardless of their generation.

Building brand loyalty in today’s market requires a multifaceted approach. By leveraging the right channels, delivering consistent value, and engaging authentically with your audience, brands can create lasting connections that withstand the test of time. 

Register and watch the webinar to gain valuable insights from Charu, Simon and Austin. 

To connect with Charu on her brand building strategies to drive loyalty with your customers, schedule time with her below.

June 29, 2024



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