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5 tactics for SMS growth. Flywheel Strategy.


You’ve got a text! SMS is your tool for sales success

This is your reminder that SMS marketing works! (Especially with Flywheel Strategy). We’ve gathered five SMS marketing tactics that drive proven results for to grow revenue.

The holiday season is fast approaching which makes it the perfect time to revamp your marketing strategy! 🎁

At Flywheel, we’ve been preparing our brands with SMS marketing tactics that grow their customer base for future campaigns to generate revenue. Testing ahead of the holidays will give the insight brands need to make strong decisions on how to market to their customers during a time where customers are bombarded with messages.

For one of our Flywheel Strategy brands, we’ve been preparing for Black Friday Cyber Monday by comparing email to SMS to see which campaign lands better with their customers. From some early screenshots, it’s easy to see that SMS may be the key to a successful holiday season.

Still not convinced? Here’s how Flywheel is thinking about SMS for our brands:


1️⃣ **Instant Reach**: SMS messages have an incredible open rate of over 90% within the first three minutes. 🚀

2️⃣ **Personal Touch**: Customers appreciate personalized messages. Address them by their first name and tailor offers based on their preferences. 🎯

3️⃣ **Timely Reminders**: Ensure your audience never misses a deal or special event by sending timely reminders directly to their mobile devices. 📲

4️⃣ **High Conversion Rates**: Flywheel brands are seeing the results. SMS marketing boasts conversion rates that are significantly higher than other channels. 💼

5️⃣ **Engagement Boost**: Encourage interaction by including calls-to-action like ‘Reply for More Info’ or ‘Click for Exclusive Offers’. 🤝

Remember, a well-crafted SMS campaign can create meaningful connections and boost sales during this festive season. 🎉

Pro tip: Keep messages concise, clear, and relevant to avoid overwhelming your audience.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday  just a few weeks away, we’re inching closer and closer to customers being bombarded with campaigns. Whether it’s through email, social or text, as a brand you should be doing an audit now to see what your customer lists are like. What do your customers respond to more?

One of the brands Kathryn & Kate are working with have just started to unlock the power of SMS marketing. Driving campaigns to obtain more customer information and testing what messaging works, this brand has been able to see amazing results in less than 30 days of campaigns.

SMS Growth impact examples. Flywheel Strategy.

See what’s the health of your customer marketing – and what tools will you use to have the most successful BFCM.

October 11, 2023



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