Rapid fire Q&A: Get to know our Founder.

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Take an inside look at what makes Kate MacCabe, founder of Flywheel Strategy, tick.

Hi there. My name is Kate MacCabe and I wanted to share a little bit about myself. Imagine we’re in person and not only do you have the chance to get to know me, but I’m getting the chance to know you. 

Until that day comes, here’s a rapid fire round of questions (and answers) that give a glimpse into who I am.


  • Q: What was your first job?
  • A: A Cashier, florist, and grocery bagger at Ukrop’s Grocery
  • Q: What word do you hate hearing?
  • A: can’t, won’t, should
  • Q: What is your favorite dessert?
  • A: Anything chocolate
  • Q: What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime?
  • A: A full day at the beach with friends, family, and a good book
  • Q: Have you ever moved cross country?
  • A: Yes! From Virginia to Idaho. (Idaho to Utah. Utah to California). California to New York.
  • Q: Morning or evening?
  • A:  Evening
  • Q: Learn by watching or learn by doing?
  • A:  I learn more quickly and permanently by doing.
  • Q: What motivates you the most?
  • A: Creating something that doesn’t currently exist with others.  Solving problems the right way, even if it’s not the easy way.
  • Q: If you were to devote the rest of your life to philanthropy, what cause would you choose?
  • A: It’s a toss up between addiction recovery or prison reform.
  • Q: What is your favorite part of this job?
  • A: Finding new and meaningful ways to support others’ dreams as they become a reality.

I founded Flywheel Strategy to expand and accelerate the impact and value I create in the world. 

Throughout my career,  I’ve participated in significant shifts from on-prem applications to cloud-based infrastructure. Subscription-based services with home grown technology solutions to vertically integrated businesses with platform-based enablement. I’ve worked under the hood in spaces that range from highly-regulated financial industries to innovative, patent-protected product offerings. 

Across every role, business model, and marketplace factor – a common theme is a need for digital teams to be grounded, nimble, and outcome driven. Digital teams carry the power and responsibility to bring the smallest of changes to the largest of visions to life. For users, for companies, for industries, for movements. 

Flywheel Strategy is positioned to aid, enhance and advance organizations who view their product, engineering, design and analytics teams to drive constant innovation and improvement. 

Learn more about my professional background and schedule a time to say hello.

May 1, 2023



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