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Flywheel Strategy - Yotpo Accelerator Founder Series: Kadidja Dosso


Our March Founder’s Series highlights Dosso Beauty which believes confidence is key. And there’s no one who embodies brilliant confidence more than Dosso Beauty’s founder, Kadidja Dosso. Through Dosso Beauty, Kadidji is leading the way creating affordable organic cosmetic and personal care products without compromising quality. 

Get to know Kadidja and how setting a north star is key to the success of Dosso Beauty with the rapid fire Q&A and Kadidja’s interview.


Q: Can you share a little bit about your background? 

A: Sure! I was born and raised in West Philadelphia, PA, attended Hampton University for undergrad then moved to New York City to begin my first full-time job as a Management Consultant. After 6 months of working my corporate job I decided to start my business, Dosso Beauty to provide people of color access to organic beauty supplies!

Q: What inspired you to launch Dosso Beauty

A: After seeing how many warning labels and chemicals were listed on the products at my local beauty store I decided at the age of 10 that my dream would be to build an organic beauty empire. I specifically decided to start Dosso Beauty in 2018 because to bring myself out of the grief of losing my grandmother 2 months prior. Starting this business was my way of keeping my word to her.

Q: What makes Dosso Beauty unique?

A: Dosso Beauty provides women of color with access to hypoallergenic hair extensions and organic hair care products that cater to sensitive scalp and skin. Our premier product is our hypoallergenic braiding hair which has saved over 100,000 women from having severe allergic reactions to the toxic chemicals in the other 99% of braiding hair in the market.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of bringing Dosso Beauty to life so far?

A: The biggest challenge bringing Dosso Beauty to life has been being a solo founder without additional financial or business support until my 3rd year in business. The formative first 3 years of sustaining a business is crucial because that will be the foundation of your brand. Our hero product wasn’t released until 2 years after I started the brand which is not traditional. Nevertheless, despite being fully financially responsible for the brand I have hired many incredible people to help me to build the brand to what it is today.

Q: What is the most fulfilling part of bringing Dosso Beauty to life?

A: Whenever I speak to customers or read their reviews, they tell me that I’ve changed their life with our hypoallergenic braiding hair. Our hair has reached well over 50,000 women of color who haven’t been able to wear braids for years because 99% of the braiding hair in the market is filled with toxic chemicals that would irritate their scalp and skin. So, to know that I’ve been able to provide them with relief is incredible.

Q: Best advice you’ve ever received or advice you would like to share with aspiring founders and entrepreneurs?

A:  Find your north star and don’t take your eye off of it, no matter what. When times are tough, I’ve had long days, an inbox full of no’s, I think about the bigger picture and remember that the brand that I’ve started is more than just beauty products, it’s a safe space.

Q: Can you share a little about any exciting launches coming up for Dosso Beauty?

A:  Yes, we will be opening our very first retail store this summer that will also have a salon where customers will be able to purchase their favorite Dosso Beauty products as well as get their hair styled. Also, we will be launching on very soon which has literally been years in the making. Lastly, we might be on a TV near you within the next year, so stay tuned!

Q: What trends are on your radar in the ecommerce space, to help drive Dosso Beauty’s growth?

A:  I am on a mission to ensure that we maintain a 5% conversion rate and increase our AOV to $75 before the end of the year. Using Yotpo’s automations, email, SMS and loyalty I am more than confident that we will be able to achieve this goal!

Q: Where can consumers learn more about you and Dosso Beauty

A: You can checkout our website at and find us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest at @dossobeauty.

Flywheel Strategy: Founder Series Dosso Beauty

Interested in becoming part of Dosso Beauty’s success and learning more about the tools and technologies like Yotpo that are bringing her product line to life? Message us connect with the Dosso Beauty team. Send us an email to get introduced!

March 25, 2024

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