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Founder Series. Flywheel Strategy and Yotpo's YRX program. Aromas de Loft with founder Maceo Lofton. May 2024.


In this month’s Founder Series, we introduce you to Aromas De Loft, founded by Maceo Lofton, a brand dedicated to capturing the essence of energy through exquisite candles. With a background in luxury retail at Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York, Maceo’s fascination with fragrances blossomed during his college years. Recognizing a gap in the market where scents were often gender-labeled to drive sales, and Maceo sought to create a brand that transcends these limitations. Aromas De Loft offers high-quality, luxurious candles with a focus on sustainability and accessibility. Aromas De Loft’s candles are more than just a product; they are a story, an experience, and a tribute to Maceo‘s passion for creating soulful fragrances that transform any space with warmth and comfort.

Aromas de Loft. Signature Candle. Maceo Lofton Founder Series. Flywheel Strategy. May 2024.

Keep reading to learn about Maceo’s passion and vision as he leads Aromas de Loft forward in its growth journey.


Q: Can you share a little bit about your background? 

A: I have always been inspired to become a business owner. There is something truly amazing about creating a product that others would appreciate. Coming from NYC, a hub for business and entrepreneurship, has greatly influenced my entrepreneurial aspirations. I attended Baruch College, the Alma Mater of Ralph Lauren. Baruch laid the groundwork for my journey into entrepreneurship.

During my college years, I gained valuable retail experience working at different stores, with notable stints at Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York. It was during this time that I developed a deep passion for fragrances. During slow sales hours, I would explore the fragrance department, testing out various scents. This experience eventually led me to purchase my first luxury candle. Back then, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was purchasing; I simply knew it smelled amazing. It was during these moments that I became aware that scents should not be tied to a specific gender. Sales associates would often use gender as a tactic to persuade me to make a purchase versus describing scent notes that are enticing me to purchase. This realization marked the beginning of something bigger for me. It took me three years after that moment to finally launch Aromas de Loft.

Q: What inspired you to launch Aromas de Loft

A: The inspiration for starting ADL came from the positive impact of gifting candles to loved ones during the holidays. This experience led me to recognize the potential for starting a candle business. It was important to incorporate sustainability and using eco-friendly materials. After months of research, I found a niche in the industry and decided to create my own brand. My goal was to dissociate the relationship of gender from scents, create longer burn times, add romance to every space and curate soulful fragrances.

Q: What makes Aromas de Loft unique? 

A: Our uniqueness stems from our creative curation of scents that are gender-neutral and impossible to replicate. We excel in harnessing the power of florals, currants, and other natural elements to capture the essence of each fragrance. We are experts in utilizing wooden wicks instead of the conventional cotton wicks which creates that romantic symbolism of a fireplace wherever you are. When we started, all of the candles were hand wrapped and finished with a wax seal. I would like to say that this pays homage to my background in luxury retail. Every candle feels like a gift even if it’s to yourself.

Every candle feels like a gift even if it's to yourself. Maceo Lofton. Aromas de Loft. Founder Serices with Flywheel Strategy.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of bringing Aromas De Loft to life so far? 

A: After a year in operation, a PR company contacted us with a significant order request. Given that all our candles are individually hand-wrapped and hand-poured in small batches, fulfilling this order presented a considerable challenge. Faced with this challenge, we recognized the need for a more scalable solution. As a result, we made the decision to offer packaging and hand wrapping options for customers, providing a more efficient way to meet increased demand. Finding the right packaging took longer than expected but was absolutely worth it.

Q: What is the most fulfilling part of bringing Aromas De Loft to life?

A: The most fulfilling part is when someone messages me about a scent, compares our scents to top brands on the market and their facial reactions during pop-up experiences. It’s an exciting feeling to let me know we are on the right path.

Q: Best advice you’ve ever received or advice you would like to share with aspiring founders and entrepreneurs?

A:  I get the best advice from reading. I recently read Generation Chef: Risking it all for the New American Dream by Karen Stabiner. This book breaks down the story of a 24 year old who embarks on the journey of becoming a chef in NYC. The advice I received was keep going even when you can’t see the road ahead. If there’s someone looking to be an entrepreneur/founder is to start. Start brainstorming. Start writing a plan. Start now.

Q: Can you share a little about any exciting launches coming up for  Aromas De Loft?

A: This summer we are looking to curate candle making classes in Los Angeles for a night out. In June, consumer will have the opportunity to buy our candles packaged or hand-wrapped.

Q: What trends are on your radar in the ecommerce space, to help drive  Aromas De Loft’s growth?

A: The trends that’s been on my radar are sustainability, SMS messaging and same-day delivery.

  • Sustainability: Millennials and Gen Z consumers are showing a growing interest in eco-friendly and sustainable products. I believe consumers are a bit more conscious on what they buy. 
  • SMS messaging has become a popular strategy for brands to connect with consumers. While it can be overwhelming to get a text from a brand, it’s a smart way to reach customers where they are. Many people are more likely to open and respond to text messages faster than email blasts, making it an effective communication tool for businesses.
  • Same-day delivery has become essential in today’s “have it now” era. Consumer expectations for fast shipping and delivery options have significantly increased. As we look at our lives and fast delivery approach from Amazon has made our lives easier.

 Q: Where can consumers learn more about you and Aromas De Loft?

A: Consumers can find more information about us on our website and social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook). Also, they can sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Interested in partnering with Maceo and supporting founders as they bring their vision to life? Contact Flywheel Strategy to start the conversation.

May 31, 2024



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